Stav Geffen

Stav Geffen

About me

An independent developer with an eye for balanced graphic design, an ear for you and your team, and a sixth sense for user experience.

Wholesome digital solutions for human beings and businesses who are friendly, green and small.

With 4 years of managing an independent business, 12 years with digital technologies and 16 as an autodidact, I can say with complete confidence: I have much more to learn and I'll probably continue learning and developing as much as I'll manage.


I guide various processes of development and maintenance of digital assets, coach the planning and creation of meaningful progress in reasonable time and of course, as a web developer - I upgrade professionals' position on these key aspects of the web:

  • Advanced Web Analytics

    Stop guessing, Know exactly what is happening on your website - own your data.

  • Responsive Design

    Ensure every user, on any device - has the best possible experience.

  • Spec & System Design

    Embrace complexity to foresee solutions, face challenges with a plan - achieve consensus.

  • Web Copywriting

    Stop contributing to the noise, master your communications - make visitors feel understood.


I worked with Stav at a Hackathon, we were rebuilding my NGO's homepage - it's now beautiful again, clear and easy to use. It was very pleasant to work with him, he wisely and professionally solved the issues we had and was devoted to our cause.
Keren Greenblatt

Keren Greenblatt

Director of Policy Promotion @ Israel Women's Network
A provider I work with and keep coming back to. If you are looking for quality, and not just a price - working with Stav would definitely be a lucrative choice.
Moshe Alima

Moshe Alima

Webmaster @ Manfrotto Group
I learned a lot about managing landing-pages and other services that ease on my workload on a daily basis, and witnessed many traits: professionalism, integrity and a genuine intention to help me save time and many resources.
Bella Bleicher

Bella Bleicher

Entrepreneur @ Think like a Zebra
We worked on a mobile web project, Stav created the content and UI of an excellent standard and turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant person. A straightforward, precise, and on-time contribution. I'll highly recommend him to anyone in need of taking some weight off their shoulders.
Yuval Perelman

Yuval Perelman

iOS Developer